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Issue 89 : December 1989

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Power To The People - James Cox
What is UNIX all about, why you should want it and why the Acorn R140 is such a good deal.
Stitched Up - Joan Barnard
A program which will easily convert all your interesting BBC micro screens into a knitting pattern ready for Auntie's waiting needles.
Copy Cats - Richard Browning
The basics of a 68000 emulator for the Archimedes computer.
Every Step You Take - Peter Hunter
This program records every keypress you make to play back later - for keeping an eye on how the micro is actually used or simply creating demos.
Henceforth - Neil Sykes
Continuing this series on programming languages and taking control with Forth.
World Class - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Follow the continued adventures of Touch Explorer Plus. One of the most successful software packages for the Concept Keyboard.
Spreadsheets - Roger Carus
Rounding of the look at spreadsheets with a survey of just what's available.
End User - Sean Solle
Tuning in to CN-FM where the Archimedes is used to reach parts of the radio station mere mortals cannot.
Counting the Days - David Acton
Filling in today's entry in the Arc diary package from QCS.
Shopping Basket - Rob Miller
A myriad of goodies in Data Store's Arc utilities.
Tagging Along - David Acton
Tidy up your act with a nifty program from Labelwise.
From Little Acorns - Dave Futcher
Spurn joined-up writing for a selection of children's wordprocessors for the Beeb.
Rhythm At Your Fingertips - Rob Miller
Get on down with the help of your Archimedes and Rhythmbox from EMR.
24 Pin Salute - Malcolm Brown
Further scrutiny of 24-pin printers for the Arc and Beeb.
Pretty in Print - Dave Futcher
Expanding the mind with 4Mation's Stretch package for classy writing on the BBC micro.
Games - Sam Greenhill
The low down on Licence to Kill, Jinxter and Superior Soccer.
Next Month
Questions and Answers
Arc Agora - David Acton
Sorting out those tricky 32-bits with a bizarre colour fill, compressing RISC OS data, the RISC OS sprites and a quick one liner.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
Helping Beeb owners with a View line counter and driverless highlights, testing for printers, listing without numbers and DFS-ADFS transfers.
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