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Issue 90 : January 1990

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Organise and print out your diary for the year ahead
Next Month In BAU
Comms - David Janda
Education - Nick Evans
Questions and Answers
RISC Review - David Acton
Eight Bits - David Atherton
Make A Date.
Make A Date - Rupert Thompson
Grows Edam - David Lawrence
While away the winter months with a collection of word games to tax the mind and frustrate your fancy. There's anagrams, word squares, trackwords and even a random sentence generator.
Art Attack - Steve Brunlett
The Archimedes and Proartisan go to art school.
Picture Box - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Producing computer pictures in the classroom.
Racing Ahead With Logo - Neil Sykes
Our languages series continues with the classroom classic.
Infinite Variations - David Lawrence
Repton Infinity programming and competition results.
Shattered - Michael Attenborough
Blow up those Arc screens with this short program.
Yellow Pages
Special Offers
When In Rome - Dave Futcher
A look at wordprocessing in science and foreign languages.
Spitting Images - Graham Bell
Get those images into your micro at the speed of light.
Rock Me Armadeus - Rob Miller
Get those noises into your Arc at the speed of sound.
Masquerade - Malcolm Brown
Star's XB24-10 printer pretends to be more than it is.
Make Mine A Modem - David Janda
Talk to the world though only the best channels.
Games - Sam Greenhill, Amos V. Beard, Andy Vanags and Rob Miller
A bumper bundle of the best of 1989 and new releases.
Advertisers Index
End User - Christina Neal
The Archimedes helps out the physically handicapped.

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