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Issue 88 : November 1989

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The BAU Awards
Your chance to nominate the winners in these new prestigious awards.
My Type - Graham Bell
Outlining the various types of fonts used on the BBC micro and the Archimedes and see where they come from and where they're going to.
Big Bang
Light up the skies in your locality with the BBC Acorn User pyrotechnic extravaganza.
Put Up Job - Richard Abbotts
Put the writing on the wall with this poster design program for the Beeb.
Drive - Colin Ferrington
The ultimate View printer driver with customised on-screen highlights and awfully clever text formatting.
Seeing Double - Neil Sykes
Continuing this series on programming languages for Acorn machines with a look at those close cousins, C and BCPL.
Cash Crisis - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Looking at the future of school IT.
Spread It Around - Roger Carus
Explaining how a spreadsheet should really be used.
End User - Steve Mansfield
Starting off a new series with a visit to the Greenhill's photo library to see what they have made of a few Beebs and an Arc.
Bunch of Five - Malcolm Brown
A look at five 24-pin dot-matrix printers that could grace your Beeb or Archimedes.
Basic On Speed - David Acton
Speeding up with the help of Silicon Vision's Riscbasic and ABC2 from Dabs.
Aping Auntie - Dave Futcher
How close you can get to a BBC micro if all you have is a Macintosh, IBM PC, Nimbus or Amiga.
Close To The Edit - Bernard Emblem
Giving the Advanced Basic Editor from Pres the once over on the Electron.
Plotting Along - Dave Futcher
Opening the box of the latest presentation package from Minerva.
Games - Sam Greenhill
Looking at the current games scene and orchestrating reviews of Pipeline, Arcade Soccer and All-in Boxing.
Marvellous MIDI - Rick Cocker
Casting an appreciative ear over Hybrid Technology's Music 2000 MIDI interface for the BBC micro.
Next Month
Questions And Answers
Arc Agora - Dave Acton
Thoughts on prime numbers, predicting Easter, big text and even the European Flag.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
Unearthing a bundle of Beeb help with an assembler label checker, deleted program recovery, a vector list, an add-on LISTIF and timing for long jobs.
Yellow Pages
Software Showcase
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