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Issue 87 : October 1989

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Putting on the Show
Images of the 1989 BAU Show.
Points of View - Michael Leete
Michael has a short program to point his satellite TV dish in exactly the right direction.
Take Note - Dave Acton
Dave steps into the wings and lets his micro call the tune.
New Order - David Harper
David puts his ADFS discs in order with this simple filing system front end.
The Big Match - Neil Sykes
Neil puts Pascal up against Basic and referees the contest.
Report Retort - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Chris and Nick see what's in store in IT education.
Ripples - Michael Attenborough
Michael goes liquid with an Arc graphics program.
Studio Style - Clive Grace
Clive puts EMR's Studio 24 Plus through its paces.
MIDI Magic - Jez Ford
Jez gives some advice on picking a MIDI system.
Music 3000 - Ian Waugh
Ian expands his Hybrid Music System still further with the Music 3000.
Timewatch - Rob Miller
Rob is right on time with Mitre Software's Timewatch package for the Archimedes.
Choosing Words - Dave Futcher
Dave casts an appreciative eye over wordprocessors past and present for the Beeb.
Good Shot - Richard Browning
Richard directs a short documentary on Silicon Vision's FilmMaker.
Hold the Font Page - Graham Bell
Graham dons eyeshades for a look at Acorn's Arc DTP software.
Games - Sam Greenhill
Sam and friends take a look at Ballistix, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and Trivial Pursuit - A New Beginning.
Questions and Answers
Arc Agora - David Acton
This indispensible column for Archimedes owners forges onwards. Dave gathers together a host of Arc useful bits - compacting sound samples, making local calls and scaling sprites.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
David has another collection of goodies for Beeb owners - a mini menu program, smooth scrolling characters, miniature screens, Wordwise Plus, NEW advice and an ADFS wipe.
Yellow Pages
Free Ads
Acorn merchandise, Trivial Pursuits, ArcComm, Printer.

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