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Issue 86 : September 1989

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Lie of the Land - Dave Lawrence
Dave goes all geological with this random landscape program for the Beeb and Archimedes.
Latest Concept - Alex van Someren
Alex bolts a concept keyboard onto his Arc with the help of an Apec card and some simple electronics.
Back to the Wall - Colin Attenborough
Colin rewrites his Arc Wallpaper pattern program from last month to create the same patterns on a BBC micro.
Speak Easy - Neil Sykes
Neil kicks off a series on the attractions of other programming languages with a look at Comal.
Splash Out - Keith Edkins
Keith puts the weird and wonderful Hodgepodge program featured in the March issue onto the Beeb to create some wacky designs.
In the Post - David Atherton
David prints his Beeb screens on a Postscript laser printer with this screendump with a difference.
A Touch of Class - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Chris and Nick find a selection of overlays makes the Concept keyboard a real boon to the classroom.
Now C Here - Max Phillips
Can real men use the Beeb for programming in C? Max checks out two versions of this trendy language.
Determined Comms - Dave Janda
Dave goes public with the all-singing Termin comms package for the BBC micro.
Studio Mix - Rob Miller
Rob tempts his palette with Minerva's Atelier package for the Archimedes.
Rock Solid - Richard Browning
Richard models his life on Silicon Vision's Archimedes 3D cad program.
Flight of Fancy - Dave Futcher
Dave takes to the air with four programs to help pupils play pilot in the classroom.
Jack of all Trades - Rob Miller
Rob doubles his Arc interfaces with the multiple I/O card from Brainsoft.
Branching Out - Dave Lawrence
Dave sorts out his hard disc with the help of Disctree from Mitre Software.
Games - Sam Greenhill
Sam escapes from the difficulties of Exile and we take a look at Predator from Superior Software and White Magic, the latest offering from the Fourth Dimension.
Questions and Answers
Hints and Tips - Dave Atherton
Dave presents an ASCII converter, running MS-Dos software, some helpful advice about printing out good looking function key strips, double width text and double height input.
Arc Agora - Dave Acton
Our resident Archimedes expert, gives the low down on a module filing system, getting the time and date right, the hourglass icon and a one liner game which comes the whole way from Denmark.
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