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Issue 85 : August 1989

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News - DTP Quintet
Five Arc DTP packages. End of UK IT says Acorn. A mega game.
Comms Column
A3000 for comms. EC2400 modem. More features from Gnome at Home.
Education Column
BBC Soft shake down. Problems with teacher training.
1989 BBC Acorn User Show
All you need to know on the 1989 BBC Acorn User Show, including who will be there, what to look out for, how to get there yourself and a look at the star of the show, Acorn's new A3000.
Designer Druids - Chris Ruseman
Chris improves on the best ever type in game, Runemaker: Codename Druid by making it fully customisable.
Spycatcher - Zak Kipling
Zak leaks the details of protecting your programs from prying eyes.
The Acorn Line
The complete Acorn family tree, from the System One to the current world-beater, the A3000.
Off the Wall - Colin Attenborough
Colin produces wallpaper-like patterns on the Archimedes with a simple mathematical algorithm.
Good Wording - Nick Munns
Nick makes light of loading files into Wordwise Plus.
Robotech - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Chris and Nick prepare for the new National Curriculum with a look at the world of control technology in the classroom.
Ports Of Call - Alex van Someren
Alex finishes the general purpose Arc interfacing card he started last month and builds a BBC type user port.
A Step Ahead - Graham Bell
Graham strains his eyes at three multisync monitors to make the most of the Archimedes.
Tree of Knowledge - Dave Futcher
Dave searches through his past with the help of three genealogy packages for the Beeb and Archimedes.
Different Strokes - Rob Miller
Rob goes all artistic with the aid of Art Nouveau.
Pin Money - Geoff Bains
Geoff takes a peek into the future of printers in the form of Epson's TLQ4800.
Low Cost Comms - Ian Burley
Ian casts an appreciative eye over the latest Archimedes comms package, ArcComm from BBC Soft.
Games - Sam Greenhill
Sam reports from the games worlds of the Beeb and Arc and takes a long lingering look at Fourth Dimension's Holed Out and US Gold's Leaderboard from the 19th hole.
Questions and Answers
More of your problems from our Post a Problem service are solved by our army of experts.
Arc Agora - David Acton
David presents a collection of snippets for Arc owners: simple loading of BBC micro screens, some prime advice on numbers and further delving into RISC OS.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
David has built up a further volume to his library of help for Beeb fanatics: instant multi-column text in View, dumping your printer and moving over to a Psion Organiser.
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