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Issue 84 : July 1989

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News - Prestel To Merge With BT Gold
A feasibility study may spell the end for Prestel. Hardware manufacturers rush the new A3000. Plus more on the BAU show.
Education Column
CAL 89 conference. Longmans reshuffle. Shields competition.
Comms Column
Prestel charges rise. Gnome mail. Archimedes telesoftware arrives.
Customer Hotline
Stars In Motion - Andrew Rankin
Setting the universe moving on the screen of the Master. This galactic collision simulation is not only fun to play around with but it's based on the latest astronomical research.
Get The Fax - Michael Geller
Bringing a touch of style to any personal organiser with custom printed filofax-compatible pages to keep you on time.
Inside Out - Alex van Someren
A look at the expansion possibilities of the Arc and building an all-purpose podule for further projects.
Check It Out - Chris Robbins
A text checker for Wordwise Plus owners using the wordprocessor's programming language which will sort out your grammar and perfect your prose.
Data Banking - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Logging on to the Neris educational on-line database and see what it has on offer for teachers.
Getting The Picture - Dave Acton
A look at Computer Concepts' Scan-Light Archimedes document scanner and seeing if it's worth the money.
Lighten Up - Richard Browning
Tracing those rays to create realistic and fantastic pictures with Clares' Render Bender graphics package for the Archimedes.
Power Of The Press - Bruce Smith
A look at two DTP programs to stretch the Beeb to its limits - Watford Electronics' Wapping Editor and Pixel Perfect from AVP.
Fantasy Island - Dave Futcher
Sail away for a year and a day to a host of island orientated adventures suitable for education or simply for fun.
Games - Sam Greenhill
Keeping up to date with the arcade section of the Beeb and Archimedes worlds while Sam's cohorts take a peek at Blood of the Mutineer, Ibix the Viking, Return of the Jedi and the long awaited Repton Infinity.
Questions and Answers
A new section of the mag featuring a selection of problems and their solutions from our Post A Problem service.
Arc Agora - Dave Acton
An array of Archimedes assets: fast line drawing, formatted printing, a summer snowfall, file sizing and memory caches.
Hints And Tips - David Atherton
Another bundles of goodies for the Beeb: loading Rom images into Sideways Ram, printing Stop Press fonts and some tips that all Basic users will find invaluable.
Yellow Pages
Advertiser's Index
Next Month
A taste of summer and of the August issue of BBC Acorn User.
DTP Book, Trivial Pursuits, ArcCom, Order Forms, Monthly Disc, Designer Castles, Summer Camp.

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