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Issue 83 : June 1989

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News - New BBC micro
The latest on the new A3000 and the first add-ons for the new machine. Beeb to Mac transfer.
Customer Hotline
Comms Column
The ArcComm Archimedes comms package from BBC Soft comes under scrutiny, as does a play-along Beeb music package to get your accompaniments right, from Chester Music and the Emacs Arc public domain text editor.
New Chapter - Graham Bell
Graham reveals all on the latest micro from Acorn.
Coping with Chaos - Joe Telford
Joe jots down some ideas and a program for coping with day-to-day office administration.
Postscript - David Atherton
David introduces this much misunderstood language for printers.
Standing Variables - John Stanley
John shows how BBC Basic stores and keeps track of variables and produces a program to fool your micro into using the same variables in different programs.
Swap! - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Chris and Nick show how to swap data between many of the Beeb and Arc database packages in use in educational circles to get the most from your software.
Games Page - Sam Greenhill
Sam presents the high scores from nimble fingered BBC Acorn User readers.
Games Reviews
Fumble those furious fingers around this month's offerings. 3D Pool from Firebird, Holed Out! from Fourth Dimension, Barbarian 2 from Superior Software, Thundermonk from Minerva and Overload from Clares.
Book Reviews
Two books come under the reviewers' hammer this month: Archimedes Operating System - A User's Guide by Alex and Nick van Someren and Computer Translation of Natural Language by W Goshawk, I.D Kelly and J.D Wigg.
Whales of Protest - Dave Futcher
Dave weighs up the chances of everyone's favourite endangered species with the help of the Save The Whale pack from Topologica.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
David with snippets for the Beeb. Justified text from a 9 pin printer, View/Wordwise transfer, InterWord overtype and hints for Master 512 users.
Arc Agora - Dave Acton
Dave whips off some more gems for Arc owners - a joystick emulator for those Beeb conversions, short cuts into your directories and paper saving multi-column listings.
Yellow Pages
Free Ads
Acorn Abuser's Diary
Designer Castles, Arcomm.

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