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Issue 82 : May 1989

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News - Unix On Econet
DTP from Computer Concepts, plus the latest on the BBC Acorn User Show.
Customer Hotline
Comms Column
Education News
£4m from DTI helps schools buy much needed hardware.
Details of next month's BBC Acorn User, results of December's Mega Music competition and the June dates for your diary.
Reader Service
Corrections to the PrtSc utility from the August 1988 issue.
Ball Of Mirrors - Richard Browning
Throw some light on the complex subject of ray tracing to create some realistic 3D graphics.
Question Time - Joe Telford
How can you use your BBC micro sensibly when conducting a survey? Discovering the answer and showing some neat ways of presenting the results of a questionnaire.
Data Get Going - Simon Hewitt
The Psion Organiser is the most portable of any computer, but its size can be a drawback as well as an advantage. How wiring it up to your BBC micro may overcome this and help you get going.
Arithmetic On The Dot - Tim Chappell
Concluding this look at floating points on the Archimedes and showing how to put constants in your programs.
School Report - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
A round up of the best educational software for the classroom and the home.
Games Page - Sam Greenhill
Scanning the software market and presenting the latest and most interesting catalogue of games releases.
Games Reviews
Our games fanatics provide the lowdown on Tank Attack, the battleship board-game from CDS. Plus there's Superman and Circus Games the long awaited duo from Tynesoft.
Thrifty Threesome - Graham Bell
Three low-cost printers prove that nine pins are enough.
DOS Solutions - Dave Futcher
Shibumi's Problem Solver gives the Master 512 and easier life.
Picture Perfect? - Sean Solle
Art critic to Kathy Lewis' Pro Artisan masterpieces.
Reader Survey
Tell us what you'd like to see in BBC Acorn User.
Hints And Tips - David Atherton
Drawing in mode 7, a Basic line editor and utilities for the Beeb and Elk.
Arc Agora - David Acton
Introducing a keystrip routine that will also run on your Master, and how to speed up our ROMs and provide easy text editing .
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Acorn Abusers' Diary
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