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Issue 81 : April 1989

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News - Acorn User show returns
Computer programme on the BBC. New fonts for DTP.
Customer Hotline
Comms Column
Minerva's Home Accounts, ProArtisan from Clares, and Megaprint NLQ, a multifonts package from Saber Software, are checked out by the experts.
Reader Service
Maths on the Dot - Tim Chappell
Tim shows you how and when to use the Archimedes floating point emulator.
Telling Tales - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
In a multi-cultural society it is healthy to understand cultures other than our own. We found some software that can help familiarise your children with the cultures of their class-mates.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
There are many hybrid applications for your micro and a wordprocessor. I wonder if you've ever thought of the ones we've devised.
Rite Minds - Chris Ruseman
Chris has developed the greatest type-in game ever. Watch the druid weave his way around Stonehenge, collecting runes and avoiding foes. happy typing.
Down to Business - Roger Carus
Roger takes a second look at what's available for the Acorn user in business. This time, though, he looks at the more expensive end of the market.
Games Page - Sam Greenhill
Sam has been around all the software houses and fills us in on what to expect on the games scene for Easter.
Games Reviews
Fish! from Rainbird, Impact Games' Orbital and the Last Ninja come under the eagle eyes of our games experts this month.
Quality Printing - Dave Futcher
Dave looks at a range of well-established font packages that can produce really professional looking text in both old and new typefaces.
Talkshop - Alex van Someren
Smalltalk-80, a programming system from Smalltalk Express and the Arc 440 have a happy future together. So says Alex when he evaluates this educational programming environment.
Plotting On - J C Dixon
The latest plotter from Roland is a cheap and reliable option . JC Dixon looks a little closer at the Roland DXY 880A.
Education News
Funds for data and research.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
David helps control your errors, helps fix your discs, helps you print from your Electron, plus loads more.
Arc Agora - David Acton
File comparison, colour cube notions and a graphic one-liner from our Arc expert.
Yellow Pages
Acorn Abuser's Diary
Reader Offers

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