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Issue 80 : March 1989

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News - Half price Unix
DES sits on NCET report, BBC puts applications first.
Customer Hotline
Comms Column
ProArtisan from Clares, an interactive video from virgin, Labelwriter from Wight Scientific and a KX119 monochrome monitor from Taxan.
Reader Service
Jukebox Tutors - David Harper
Easier program writing with sideways RAM. Plus an example for Wordwise Plus.
Wordwise Minus - Chris Robbins
Chris looks at the programming language of Wordwise Plus and shows how to lose space in order to speed it up.
Best of Life - Andrew Green
Life could be better! When you see our beautiful Hodgepodge pictures, you too will think so.
The Full Account - Roger Carus
Roger looks at the business software market and discovers there are few new products.
Name of the Rose - Steve Macguire
A beautiful Spirograph like program from Steve. Create your own designs.
Games Page - Sam Greenhill
Sam reviews the latest, including a sports package from Superior Software.
Designer Castles - Chris Drage a Nick Evans
Data Design's software is a good introduction to school history, as well as a resource for CDT teaching. And it's great fun at home too.
Games Reviews
Superior's A Question of Sport and for the Archimedes Repton 3 from Superior Software and Pacmania from Grandslam have been put through their paces.
Numbering Up - Martin Phillips
Two packages useful for teaching maths get the thumbs up from martin - Numerator from Logotron and Geometrix, the first package from European Educational Software.
Getting it Wet - Dave Futcher
Dave tries his hand at running a water authority.
Out of the Shadow - Sam and Richard Greenhill
Sam and Richard look ar Ace Computing's Archimedes solid modeller Euclid and describe how it's helping them build a humanoid robot.
Good Connections - Dr Christopher Dobbing
The Amstrad SM2400 modem appears attractive to Acorn users. But Christopher found it quite difficult to actually get started.
File Through - David Lawrence
David examines Advanced File Manager from Pres and finds that it's good but could be a lot better.
Education News
NCET Report withheld.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
David with a Cut and Paste ROM and some tips for Master 512 users.
Arc Agora - David Acton
David shows you how you can archive your hard discs. There's also a module for finding path names.
Yellow Pages
Free Ads
Acorn Abuser's Diary
Reader Offers

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