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Issue 79 : February 1989

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News - UNIX machine launched
Arc to star on TV, BBC micros in sport.
Customer Hotline
Comms Column
Education News
Citizens latest 180E printer, Fourier analysis software from Armadillo and Pineapple's ADU - an advanced disc utility ROM.
Reader Service
RISC OS Special - David Watkins and Graham Bell
David and Graham look at the new Archimedes operating system upgrade and the applications that come with it - Draw, Paint and Edit.
Measuring Up - Joe Telford
Measuring the shortest distance between two points is the latest project, and it isn't always a straight line.
The Inside Story - Bill Penfold
Bill visits ex-cabinet minister Tony Benn at home, and finds out what his family and staff do with his seven BBC micros.
Drawing Conclusions - Guy Martin and Gary Phillips
Guy and Gary deliver the final instalment on Archimedes GKS graphics - this time looking at input functions and interaction.
Wired Up - David Atherton
David gives some advice on how to link up different types of micros and swapping data between machines. IBM PCs, Apple Macintoshes, Atari STs and Z88s are all covered.
All in the Sheet - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Forget about spreadsheets for adults only - children can find them useful too.
Games Pages - Sam Greenhill
Sam finally gets over Christmas and discovers what's in store for the New Year.
Games Reviews
Under scrutiny this month are Colossus 4 bridge from CDS, Impacts Zenon and Jet Fighter from Archimedes specialists Minerva.
Print Alternatives - Malcolm Brown
Ink jets and liquid crystal shutters are the latest words in printing technology.
Storing Up - Dave Futcher
Dave looks at SupaStore a little known database that allows multi-user work on an Econet.
Doing the Circuit - Rob Wilmott
Rob checks out the latest printed circuit board design package for the Archimedes, and finds that it is as professional as it promises.
The Family Way - Michael Leete
ever wanted to construct your family tree? Now's your chance with the help of some drawing software. Michael uses Pineapple's Design program to keep track.
Education News
Science teaching debate.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
David shows you how to print out your address labels, and discovers a cheap way to getting an Over View.
Arc Agora - David Acton
Getting smoother sprites and perfecting your screendumping is the topic this months.
Yellow Pages
Desktop Publishing
Free Ads
Acorn Abuser's Diary

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