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Issue 78 : January 1989

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More Masters in demand, Uniplex software for UNIX.
Comms Column
Customer Hotline
Wordpower, budget Arc drawing packages, Technology and Design 2, Colour Screenprint.
Reader Service
Competition Results
User Card Database - Joe Telford
Joe shows how you can use concepts from Apple's Hypercard visual database.
ARC GKS Graphics - Guy Martin and Gary Phillips
Guy and Gary introduce 'segments' to the GKS standard library.
Shooting Gallery - Graham Bell
Taking good photos of computer screens is easier than you think.
The Mystery of Maps - Peter Voke
Random numbers can create an almost infinite number of maps, landscapes and mazes.
Games Page - Sam Greenhill
Sam presents his favourite five games of 1988, plus a trio of Arc entertainments.
Games Reviews
Minerva's Freddy's Folly, Clogger from Impact, Mandarin's Lancelot and Rainbird's game of the year, Corruption, all under the spotlight.
Coming Together
Games compilations: are they good value for money? Three recent packages reviewed.
Pin Power
Is this the best-value 24 pin printer yet? Panasonic's KX-P1124.
Captured - Rob Wilmott
See how the Watford Arc digitiser captures live pictures from video, even in colour.
Driven Crazy - Robert Elwell
Robert assesses two ROMs that can make it easier to escape from the printer maze with View.
Education News
Commodore Amiga to emulate BBC micro.
Infant Adventurers - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Chris and Nick discuss using adventure games with young children.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
David shows how to edit Basic programs in InterWord, and keep Wordwise Plus backups.
ARC Agora - David Acton
Untangling sound on the Arc and generating your own voices.
Business - Roger Carus
Roger surveys some of your ways of making use of the BBC micro.
Yellow Pages
Free Ads
Acorn Abuser's Diary

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