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Issue 77 : December 1988

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News - Acorn goes for UNIX
Arc helps win maths prize, wargames and weather.
Comms Column
Competition Results
Master Advanced Reference manual, Beeb to Arc serial transfer by Brainsoft, and discounted cash-flow tutorials from RBRC.
Arc GKS Graphics - Guy Martin and Gary Phillips
Gu and Gary introduce the GKS standard and begin a library for the Arc.
Plotter Quality Dumps - Michael Geller
Double the quality of your BBC micro screen dumps with this routine.
Crisis Cure - Phillip Trinham
Phillip shows how you can cure bad FS Maps on ADFS, plus compact all your files.
ARM - Carol Atack
Carol concludes her history of Acorn with the tale of Acorn's RISC chip and its operating systems.
Adventurous Teaching - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Adventure games can simulate and stimulate young students.
Games Page - Sam Greenhill
Sam reports on all that's new and true in the games world.
Games Reviews
Minerva's Planetoid clone Orion, Summer Olympiad from Tynesoft and Superior's Fair Means or Foul.
Serial Software - Ian Burley
Ian takes his pick of the comms packages for the Archimedes, Hearsay and Arcterm 601.
Sign of the Times - Kevin Kealy
Wight Scientific's Signwriter is great for printing banners, in both Beeb and Archimedes versions.
Icebery Ahoy - Dave Futcher
The Titanic tragedy still captures the imagination, and is the focus of ESM's schoolroom software.
Taking Account - Michael Leete
Michael checks on Apricote's Account Book, a program that promises to make business less taxing.
The BBC Top 100
Acorn User regular authors nominate the best hardware and software companions for your BBC micro.
Education News
Software publishers in turmoil over PC standard.
A Hybrid Music 5000 and 4000, plus five Music 5000 Junior synthesisers to be won in our £1000 music competition.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
Eight colours in mode 1, lower case keywords in Basic, and a PrtSc upgrade.
Arc Agora - David Acton
David presents a printer filter module, plus more on podules and saving palette files.
Yellow Pages
Desktop Publishing
Free Ads
Acorn Abuser's Diary

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