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Issue 76 : November 1988

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News - UNIX on Networks
New Arc operating system, Micronet drop software.
Comms Column
Reader Service
Competition Results
Pixel Perfect from AVP, Oak parametric design, COMX plotter, ViewCad.
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
A menu-driven compiler is the simplest way to put together crosswords, says Joe.
Files to Go - David Lawrence
David proposes a standard file format to ease transfer between Arc wordprocessors.
Life on the Line - Susan Stepney
Susan introduces 'one dimensional cellular automata'.
Back from the Brink - Carol Atack
Carol continues her history of Acorn, from near bankruptcy to recovery, with the Master 128.
Z88 in Education - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
The Z88 is a worthwhile companion for a BBC micro, but is it a useful tool in schools?
Games Page - Sam Greenhill
The games world is revving up for Christmas: Sam reports on all the news.
Games Reviews
How good are The Empire Strikes Back or Pipeline on the Beeb, and Terramex on the Archimedes?
Exclusive - we present the first review of this year's megagame from Superior Software. Will it be a Christmas success?
Designer Software - Alan Harding and Mike Hayward
Alan takes a look at TechnoCAD for the Master, and Mike reviews Archimedes AutoSketch - two new CAD packages.
Painting by Numbers - Peter Sandford
Arc business graphics software; Peter studies Minerva's GammaPlot and Presenter from Lingenuity.
Free Form Filing - Dave Futcher
Dave looks at TFS an Arc database system for writers and academics.
Tough at the Top - Michael Leete
Business simulation software needs to relate to the real world, says Michael. Does Chairman of the Board?
Snatching Screens - Dave Futcher
Dave checks out 4Mation's screen grabber, pixel editor and printer dump utility for the Beeb.
Education News
Apple plugs in to schools, design your own castle.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
David gives advice on ADFS, a graphical memory map, dates in Wordwise.
Arc Agora - David Acton
David shows how to read IBM or Atari St discs, he also looks at a Tak update and how to load palette files.
Complete a crossword and win a wide carriage printer.
Yellow Pages
Top of the List
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