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Issue 73 : August 1988

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News - Arc prices rise
New Micronet charges; Arc music progress; typesetting on a BBC micro.
Comms Column
Reader Service
Competition Results
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
Easy-to-understand graphs and charts can be drawn from complex looking numbers on a spreadsheet.
Be Adventurous - Peter Voke
Peter describes the history of adventuring, and introduces Warlord, the fiendish adventure on our monthly disc.
Colour by Numbers - Muriel Dearlove
Dump your graphics screens in colour using coloured ribbons in your dot-matrix printer.
Micro as Ally
Schools need clear advice on introducing new technology. Here's some words from experienced teachers.
Games Page - Sam Greenhill
Sam with the latest news on games, plus what makes a game the best? Graphics, sound, novelty or just plain addictiveness?
Games Reviews
Can Manderin's Icarus or Superior's Barbarian excite; can Hayley's Stranded adventure intrigue?
Technical Texts - Martin Phillips
martin examines two specialist wordprocessors for scientific and foreign language. One is a clear winner.
Better by Design - Malcolm Brown
Pineapple's printed circuit board design and auto-routing program is checked out.
Move up to 24-Pin
The latest units are all a cut above the old 9-pin printers; how do four new models from Toshiba, NEC, Panasonic and Citizen measure up?
Education News
Tests on 32-bit hardware; new teachers conference.
Give every Econet station in the school access to the Ceefax and Oracle services.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
Press a button to print out the screen, upgrade screen dumps on an NEC 24-pin printer, plus fast maths and how to cope with disc copying.
Arc Agora - David Acton
David describes writing a relocatable module to save and load compacted screens, plus printing a directory tree and using events.
Repton Competition
Win a unique cuddly Repton.
Design Clinic - Tony Quinn
Tony kicks off a new regular look at DTP.
Yellow Pages
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