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Issue 74 : September 1988

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News - Concepts' Arm Plans
English to Japanese, Beebug modems, Fair Isle relies on Masters.
Comms Column
Reader Service
Competition Results
Bezier Curves
From car design to font outlines, relatively simple maths can make smooth curves easy.
Archimedes WIMPS - Chris Adie
Chris continues to show how to use Arthur's window system, this month concentrating on icons. Plus there's a program to draw flowcharts.
Warlord - Peter Voke
Peter concludes his description of the birth of the Warlord adventure on our monthly disc.
Upgrade Your Arc - David Watkins
David shows why it's worth adding a backplane, extra memory and a hard disc to an Archimedes.
Lost in Space
Neater text printing from View is possible with microspacing - even on a dot matrix printer.
Barging Around - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Free software from MAPE helped a group of pupils study the canal system.
Games Page - Sam Greenhill
The latest on the games scene. Dabs, Go-Dax, Superior and mandarin all have tales to tell.
Games Reviews
Repton Thru Time and four Rainbird PC adventures for the Archimedes come under scrutiny.
Find your way around Superior's latest espionage saga with the help of our map.
Form Filling
Mewsoft's design program can tackle A4-size forms.
Behind the Hype - Dave Futcher
Dave checks whether SigmaSheet matches up to the claim that it's the fastest spreadsheet.
BBC to PC - Robert Elwell
With BeebDOS, you can read BBC discs on an IBM PC. But it may be hard work.
Read All About It - Tony Quinn
Two books on the application of desktop publishing reviewed.
512 Roundup
Will it or won't it? A list of PC software that's been tested on the Master 512.
Business - Roger Carus
Roger describes a scheme to use Electrons for typesetting.
Education News
New BBC interactive video discs, Lego Logo.
Hints and Tips
ADFS is this month's theme, and a ROM to control the speaker volume.
Arc Agora - David Acton
David presents a mouse pointer editor.
Yellow Pages
Free Ads
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