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Issue 72 : July 1988

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Comms Column
Education News
Reader Service
Competition Results
Joe's Jottings - Joe Telford
Spreadsheets are perhaps the most useful programs in business. Joe introduces the concepts.
Comms Contacts
Hit the Bulletin Board spot with our comprehensive list of UK operators.
Versatile Vees - Jeff Ashurst
Jeff reviews the Multi-Speed modem from Microlink Communications.
Take Note
Richard Sheard's program converts Island Logic Music System files into AU's own portable Autumn format.
Norse Power
Classroom computers can be a valuable component of an integrated learning experience. But how can you make use of the wide range of software?
Applications - Roger Carus
Roger investigates unusual applications for the BBC and Acorn family of computers.
Games Page - Sam Greenhill
The latest news on games from Superior Software, Audiogenic, Tynesoft, Robico and Minerva.
Games reviews
On the hot-spot this month: cats on cold ice, heavy metal moments, and arcade action for the Archimedes.
Bend It - Rob Miller
Rob looks at the new Conquest utilities ROM for the Watford Quest package. Does he like it?
Transformer - Dave Futcher
This plug-on board almost transforms a BBC B into a Master - but is the Integra-B value for money?
Photos on File - Sam and Richard Greenhill
Minerva's new Archimedes System DeltaPlus database is put through its paces in a real-life test of efficiency.
LOGO Arcs Over - Dave Futcher
At last, a 32-bit logo for the Archimedes. Dave reviews what is probably the fastest Logo in the world. Just how quick on the draw is it?
Education news
The NCET takes shape with appointment of a new head, plus MESU data logger boosts science projects.
Hints and Tips - David Atherton
David explains how to copy programs or data between different disc formats, plus a tape loading routine that is 30 per cent faster and multiple Boot files for ADFS.
Arc Agora
Arthur's system variables are in the spotlight this month, together with a disc compacting program, and a routine for preserving the the CMOS RAM.
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