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Issue 68 : March 1988

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Hints and Tips
Directory enquiries: getting started with ADFS.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Shortcuts to bug-free programs.
Control Tricks - Joe Telford
Joe investigates a new language to make control programming easier.
Build Your Own Toolkit ROM - Dave Lawrence
Keep your favourite utilities permanently on call the Dave's AutoROM program.
ARC Windows Without Pain
Using the Arc's windowing system in your own programs is easier than you think!
Mandlebrots in Moments
The fascinating fractals of the Mandlebrot set can be created in seconds on the Archimedes.
Please Do Touch
Being able to just touch the screen rather than use the keyboard opens up the micro to many less-able children.
The Games page
Forthcoming releases from all the big names.
Games Reviews
Terrific or tedious? Spellbinder, Bonecruncher and The Hunt .
Games Reviews
Brilliant or boring? Evening Star, Spitfire 40 and Peter Scott's trilogy.
Software Review
OverView attempts to integrate the View family, but how good is it?
Can you run the Arc's Basic 5 on the Electron and BBC micro?
Software Review - Simon Craven
Simon takes to the air in Glider Pilot 2.
Education News
Essential reading for the up-to-date teacher.
Software Review
Teaching Latin with Ecce Romani, and creating educational adventures.
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