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Issue 67 : February 1988

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Hints and Tips
Booting up: load your programs with Shift-Break, plus printer compatibility.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Tessie's guide to choosing peripherals.
Making an Impression - David Atherton
Technology has changed the face of printing. David on dot-matrix, laser and daisy-wheels.
Style Council - Graham Bell
Clearer programs make life easier and can get into print.
TV's Big Fight - Joe Telford
Joe's micro settles his family's arguments over which channel to watch.
BBC to ARC Data Link - Alan Watkins
Transfer programs and data files to your new machine with this simple listing and a couple of wires.
Artisan At Work - Dave Futcher
Artisan, the first art program to take advantage of Archimedes' graphics, meets with Dave's approval.
Games - David Lawrence
Gossip and rumour in the games world.
Games Reviews
The low down on Impact, Elixir and Life of Repton.
Software Review - Dave Futcher
Dave tidies his Filofax with the Fax File Organiser.
Book Review
In Data Theft, hacker king Hugo Cornwall turns queen's evidence.
Hardware Reviews - Bruce Smith
Panasonic KX-P1081 and Epson's GQ3500 laser printer come under the spotlight.
Education News
Special education centres search for cash.
How the West was Won
A group of London kids go to California without leaving their classroom.
The Network Page
Setting up from scratch, plus putting an Arc on the net.
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