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Issue 66 : January 1988

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Printing labels from Wordwise Plus.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Tessie continues her explanation of random access filing.
Armchair Computing - Joe Telford
Run your micro with the TV's remote control using Joe's simple circuits.
Step by Step Air Flair - Phil Wilkes
Phil takes you through a drawing from blank screen to finished design.
Flying Wizards - Dave Lawton
The game to keep you feeling bouncing through Christmas. Good luck with Wizalon.
Have Micro Will Travel - John Allen
The Z88 laptop uses much of the same software as the BBC micro. John shows how to transfer files.
Chips with Everything - Chris Drage
There is a bewildering range of cartridge and ROM add-on boards for the Master. Chris investigates.
Games - David Lawrence
The top games of 1987.
Games Review
Despatch Rider, Oxbridge and Ziggy under test.
Software Review
Serious Arc programmers need Clares Archimedes Toolkit.
Book Review - Tony Quinn
John Miles DTP design handbook proves indespensable.
Book Reviews
Possible additions yo your bookshelves reviewed.
Software Reviews
Squeak, a mouse driven teletext terminal, and TED, a teletext editor under test.
Software Review - Tony Quinn
Microbrush is a pwoerful art package - but Tony discovers its drawbacks.
More of Your Ideas - Roger Carus
Roger describes your business uses for the BBC Micro.
Design for Life
BBC Soft's Design and Technology plus radio and TV make a valuable combination.
The Network Page
A handy device to test the health of your network.
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