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Issue 69 : April 1988

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Hints and Tips
Advice on mailshots from View and some seasonal tips.
Step by Step - Bruce Smith
Acorn expert Bruce launches a new series on using applications software with a beginner's guide to ViewSheet.
Through the Round Window - Joe Telford
Joe's mode 2 graphics program comes complete with a colour dumping routine.
Hints for More Tints - Dorian Goring
Make colour prints with your dot-matrix printer.
Turning Out the tables - Colin Ferrington
Reduce the frustration when you type tables in View with Colin's listing.
Art Comes Undone
You can add your own routines to AMX Super Art - here's an 'Undo' command and quick saving facility to start with.
In the Deep of the Night - Graham Bell
Electronic mail with no phone charges, claims Interspan. Graham finds out if it's too good to be true.
The Games Page - Dave Lawrence
Dave has his ear to the games-playing ground.
Games Reviews
Star Wars, Plan B2 and Village of Lost Souls under test.
Software - Chris Adie
BBC Basic now runs on the Apple Mac. Chris peers through the windows.
Software Review - Michael Leete
Michael lets the micro deal the cards with Black Queen.
Using scientific symbols directly from your wordprocessor with Sciways.
Education News
This month's update from schools and colleges.
Something Special
Hardware aids like the Concept keyboard are a great help with special needs kids.
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