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Issue 55 : February 1987

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
martin with co-ordinates, plus some readers' suggestions.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Assembler control with flags.
Whistle Up - Joe Telford
Joe with a project to control your micro via one of those irritating £2 beeping keyrings.
In Stitches - Anneke Sicherer-Roetman
Anneke presents an introduction to computer aided design via the craft of embroidery.
Pythagoras Pines - Albert Koelmans
The Tree of Pythagoras, a geometric phenomenon ideal for computer exploration.
Sticky Wicket - David Atherton
David's series on the Compact continues with a look at what's available in joystick control.
A program idea from a schoolboy brings direct communication between Econet stations.
Games Reviews
Chart Challenge for pop eggheads and Thrust for Arcade heroes.
Software Review
Dataprobe is a serious database for schools.
Games Reviews
Last of the Free, Joust, and Psychastria get the going over.
Software Review
The Family History system is one of the few genealogy programs.
Book Review
Meyer Solomon's The Software Business. How to sell your skills.
Software Review
Clares Artroom is the first graphics package for the Compact.
Business Graphics - Peter Sandford
Peter's plotting suite takes data from the View programs.
Education News
All the latest for Acorns in schools.
Printing Utilities
Screen dumps, font libraries and more.
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Sideways RAM offers
ROM offers
Utilities/Help discs
Favourite discs and cassettes
Yellow Pages
Games Charts
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