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Issue 54 : January 1987

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Loops, and graphics with the Master.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Stacking bytes in memory.
Scorpion Rising - Joe Telford
Joe takes a good look at some uses of the Scorpion, a device to make control applications easier.
Big Bright and Beautiful - John C King
John's Kiddie Art program makes drawing a joy for children. It's fun for the rest of us too.
Keep Track - John Weller
John has a useful disc indexing and cataloguing program for keeping your floppies organised.
Calling all Computers - David Atherton
David on communications with the Compact, including getting 5.25in material onto the new discs.
Recurring Nightmares - Mark de Weger
More of Mark's ladder and platform game designing system, with some sample screens for arcade action.
Games Review
Stryker's Run, the new big one from Superior/Acornsoft.
Games Review
Rebel Planet is eclipsed by Trivial Pursuit.
Games Review
Repton ... again, and The Sentinel: 'best BBC micro game ever'.
Software Review
Macro assemblers for serious programmers - a comprehensive look.
Software Review
Slick! for utilities on disc, and Instat for statistics.
Hardware Review
ROM and RAM boards are getting cheaper. Here are some to consider.
Business News
The latest for Acorn users in business.
Presenting numerical information in a variety of charts.
Education News
For Acorns in schools.
Computers help communications and linguistic development.
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