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Issue 53 : December 1986

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Print formatting on-screen and fraction printing.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Addition and subtraction in assembler.
Blocks for Building - Joe Telford
Joe jots down some simple functions and procedures which can be written into a limitless variety of programs.
A Nightmare Begins - Mark de Weger
Mark has developed a fiendish platform game which can be modelled to your specifications - Castle of Nightmares.
Through the Windows - David Lawrence
David shows how to design the increasingly popular windows into your programs.
Compact Companion - David Atherton
Continuing David's series on the Compact with programs to personalise the welcome disc for your own uses.
Games Reviews
Price of Magik by Level 9 and Superior's Galaforce are examined.
Software Review
Movie Maker produces animated films on screen.
Games Review
The best of last year's BBC games.
Games Review
Another set of favourite games, this time for the Electron.
Hardware Review
Music 5000 on the BBC micro gives great compositional control.
Hardware Review
At last - home control of appliances via the mains using Red Boxes.
Software Review
ACP's ROM-based 1770 disc filing system.
Software Review
Two programs to log onto French videotex.
Software Review
Learn to use Wordwise then use it quicker with these two packs.
Business News
All the latest for users of Acorns in business.
Continuing our series of printer reviews.
View comes with the Compact, but the manuals don't. We provide some help.
Education News
The latest in the field.
Buyers Guide
The best hardware and software can be fun as well as educational.
The Network Page looks at OSWORD calls and translating Edword.
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