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Issue 39 : October 1985

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Acorn's new generation of chips; future of computer education threatened by MEP closure; educational software houses form body; Acorn User Christmas Show planned.
Hints and tips - Martin Phillips
Martin explains what logical operators are and how to use them, and presents a cure for non-functioning keys among his clues for beginners.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Adopting a standard style of presentation for assembler listings is Tessie's topic.
Art for art's sake - Chris Steele
Chris's design package was devised for art students and incorporates many advanced facilities usually only found in design studios.
Wallpaper wonders - Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Arranging motifs in repetitive symetrical patterns - like those on wallpaper - is difficult by hand but easy by micro.
Day of the fractal - Kim Aldis
Kim explains what fractals are and how to use them.
Tesselators - Simon Williams
Simon reviews Tesselations from Cambridge University Press and Addison-Wesley's Tesselator.
Business news
Memoplan revisited - Edward Brown
Edward helps you get more out of this software.
MUD competition
Win a place in the MUD spectacular at the London Dungeon.
Education News
Caught in the network - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
What networks are available for schools and how they are being used.
Projecting and image - Martin Phillips
Easyplot suite could be of great use in schools with these additions allowing it to be used to produce vufoils for overhead projects and as a bulletin board.
Taddlecot revisited - Joe Telford
Joe looks favourably upon The Information Age, the second in the 'Computers Information and You' series.
Atom Forum - Mike Barwise
Mike tackles state monitor development.
Creative animation and graphics on the BBC micro and Business programming on your BBC micro reviewed.
Views on Darts, Island of Xaan and Confuzion.
Epson JX80 colour printer - George Hill
George asks can this model strike the desired balance between good text and graphics facilities?
Graphics round-up - Tony Quinn and David Acton
Tony runs through some books to inspire the artist in you, followed by David's appraisal of many of the vast range of graphics packages on the market.
Central Processing
Dear Kitty
Win a video digitiser.
Graphics cassette offer
UserDUMP offer
Monthly listings cassette and disc
Bar Code Reader offer
Beeb Forum
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