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Issue 9 : April 1983

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News that effects YOU
Acorn User Show.
Graphics listings
Stars and stripes.
Hexangle - Peter Balch
Pit your wits against your micro in a world of triangles.
The sound of music - Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Frere Jaques and Bach canons to astound any musical ear.
Hints and tips on disc drives - Joe Telford
What do you get for your money and how fast are they?.
Machine code - Tony Shaw and John Ferguson
The series is rounded off by considering the powerful CALL statement - and create a new graphics command.
Beeb programming forum - Ian Birmbaum
Answers to your problems in the best possible way and hands out cheques for your ideas.
Micros in primary schools
Should young children be taught to program? Heather Govier considers this divisive issue.
Reviews: two programs for education - Charles Bake
CB uses Animal and an adventure game in his school.
Reviews: MEP program
How good is the software pack for primary teachers?.
A major new discussion column on matters relating to articles in AU.
Reviews: Atom software - Barry Pickles
A look at games programs and adventures.
Beeb 0.1 cassette bug fix
Saving problems on 0.1 machines can be solved with this simple listing.
Interfacing the 1MHz bus - Paul Beverley
The long awaited second part of his article in February's AU.
BCPL language ROM - Stan Froco
an introduction to the first of the promised packs from Acornsoft.
Prize competition - Simon Dally
SD sets you thinking from his hospital bed with the offer of software.
Introduction to printers - George Hill
Before you shell out the cash.
Reader's letters
More gems here than you'll find in complete issues of other magazines.
Reader Services
User groups
Find out what's going on around your corner.
Dealer list
So you know where to go for help.

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