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Issue 8 : March 1983

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Caption competition
BBC update - David Allen
Some spin offs from the TV series.
Chess: the big review - John Vaux
JV compares three programs with a dedicated machine.
Beeb forum - Ian Birnbaum
Concentrates on programming.
Musical synthesis - Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Assess the Beeb's potential.
DIY lightpen - Joe Telford
JT shows you how in a hardware session of Hints and Tips.
Lightpen OXO - Joe Telford
Lightpen multiple choice
BBC assembler - Tony Shaw and John Ferguson
Indirect addressing.
Micros in primary schools
Maths is put under scrutiny.
Software review
Three educational packages worthy of consideration.
Microprimer review - Heather Govier
How good is the MEP's package?.
Software packs
Eight packs for the Beeb.
User groups
Atom ROM review - Bruce Smith
Review of the Ross toolkit.
Atom analogue converter - Paul Beverley
Circuitry and software.
BBC Basic board - Barry Pickles
Ways around some of its limitations.
Competition - Simon Dally
Software for solving this puzzler.
Book reviews
Assembly language and Pascal among this months offerings.
Printers for beginners - George Hill
First part of this laymans guide.
Back issues and subscriptions
How to get the ones you missed and those you don't want to miss.
Readers queries and comments on everything from discs to EPROMs.
Official dealer list
Where to go for upgrades and support.

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