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Issue 7 : February 1983

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User groups
BBC update
Machine code programming - John Ferguson and Tony Shaw
They show you where to put it all.
Hints and tips - Joe Telford
JT gets dynamic and adds a note of warning.
Beeb forum - Ian Birnbaum
IB assesses your programming tips.
Micros in schools - Charles Bake
Ideas for primary teachers.
1 Mhz bus - Paul Beverley
The secrets of Fred, Jim and Sheila.
Atom BBC board - Barry Pickles
Is it worth the money?.
Atom error handling - Tony Armistead
3D graphics on an Atom - Phillip Tubb
Wire frame drawing and rotation.
Competition - Simon Dally
Thinking about routing.
Wordwise firmware and Acornsofts Rocket Raid.
Amber 2400 - the £70 printer.
Dealer list

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