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Issue 6 : January 1983

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BBC TV series
Content of the ten new programs.
Machine code programming - John Ferguson and Tony Shaw
Hints and tips - Joe Telford
Unravel the mystery of discs.
Beeb forum - Ian Birnbaum
IB gives you micro power.
Micros in schools - Heather Govier
Start of a new series.
Pet printing - Tim Edwards
Put a Commodore printer on-line.
Competition - Simon Dally
Sets a cipher to sort out.
Atom writes to Beeb - C J Hollyman
Composing BBC programs on the Atom.
Extra Atom memory - J M Charlton
JMC finds 2k tucked away.
Readers questions get some answers.
Subscription offer
Solve the hassles of finding your issues.
Acorn dealer list
Where to go for your bits and pieces.

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