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Issue 10 : May 1983

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EXCLUSIVE :Electron revealed
Others claim to have shown one, now see the real thing.
News that effects YOU
BBC anger at logo misuse, Acorn attack business market, fast tape system, competition results, live TV micro show.
Basic II
Some deny its existence. We give you the low down.
Graphics listings - Tim Fish
Generate Lissajou's figures.
New *FX calls
Details of commands in new OS1.2 chip.
Lightpen revisited - Joe Telford
More additions to the March article.
More colours - Peter Voke
Colour mixing on a model A and B.
Hints and tips - Joe Telford
Covering procedures, discs and functions- and more.
Musical synthesis - Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Analyse jazz, blues, nursery rhymes and folk.
Beeb Forum - Ian Birnbaum
Retrieving the lost program, beating a dreaded error message.
Schools: 8 page pull out - Heather Govier
HG examines some exciting developments in language work on micros.
DIY Beeb interface box - Paul Beverley
Down to practice with a major project.
Atom sound board - David Tilston
Rival the Beeb's noises.
Olivetti's ink-jet printer, Starship command game, Horserace forecast program and Basic with Holmes book.
Competition - Simon Dally
Offers software and speaks out on piracy.
A to Z of printing - George Hill
A step by step look at how to get going.
Readers' letters
Teletext, sound, EPROMs, TV problems - we provide the answers.
Reader services
Subscriptions, back issues, binders, photocopies, reprints : all the facts are here.
User groups
Plenty of news this month for clubs.

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