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Issue 11 : June 1983

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News that affects YOU
Voice processor release, Granada TV micro show, Beeb terror show, micro floppy.
News feature
Not 100 yards from Big Ben, history is in the making.
£1100 competition
Two-part quiz begins with BBC micro
Techniques - Stan Froco
News series starting with sorting.
Hints and tips - Joe Telford
Would you believe a 50p network?
Graphics - Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Drawing techniques and CAD.
Interrupts - Tony Shaw and John Ferguson
What they are and how to handle them.
Beeb Forum - Ian Birnbaum
Three pages of the best ideas around.
Schools: 8 page pull-out - Tricia Strong and Paul McGee
Information technology: what it means for computing in primary schools.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
Offers cash for readers wrinkles and kicks off with a few of his own.
Interfacing - Paul Beverley
Tests out the AU interface box.
Reviews - Paul Beverley
View or Wordwise? Two wordprocessors run the gauntlet.
Reviews - Mike Milne
Three superb graphics packages under scrutiny from £10 - £35.
Printers - George Hill
Write your own graphics dumps.
Readers' letters
Sound, radar, bugs ... its all here. Plus new personal ad service - Free!
Reader services
The value-for-money add-ons th get the best from your mag.
Dealer list
Whether you live in Devon, Munich or Wellington, we can tell you where to go.

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