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Issue 162 : December 1995

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Simtec's multi-processor board arrives.
Ultra-fast 3D graphics with TopModel.
ArchiNet joins the WWW.
Even a planning report can look good.
Web pages for the PD column.
Alex Singleton bows out.
Resource files for MyWorld.
A good on-line manual for users.
Cover disc
Two disc extravaganza.
What you, our readers, think.
Game show
Dune 2 is released on CD-ROM.
Free ads
The bargain basement.
Subscribers' page
An exciting new subscription offer.
The Moxon interview
The man himself, Mark Moxon.
C Tutorial
How to make SWI calls from C.
Questions and answers
Hints and tips galore.
Customer hotline
The fast track to Acorn.
Absolute beginners
More tricks of the filer revealed.
Run the RISC
Hold onto your I2C ports.
Dave and Dave up to their old tricks.
Weight watchers start here
Diet software under review.
Under the spell
Software to help dyslexics.
Unfinished business
Comparing of all the Internet packages.
In brief
Smart DTP and ARM700 upgrade.
Games reviews
Spobbleoid fantasy/High Risc Racing.
At home with Online Media
Home users' views.
New Acorn
We examine two new divisions.
Internet bargain
Sign up for our Acorn-friendly service.
Fashion victim
Design your own textiles.
Club corner
NewDawn, the disc magazine, returns.
Ringing the changes
James Pond and Thames Water.
Cheap storage
Our proTeus offer continues.
Picture puzzler
Win a copy of The Big Picture.

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