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Issue 161 : November 1995

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Restructuring and job losses at Acorn.
A new ray-tracer arrives.
Werewolf BBS in Kent.
A Volvo mag gets the makeover treatment.
EventShell examined.
The quest for a paperless office.
Control software and hardware.
Will there ever be an A4 replacement?
Cover disc
An exclusive demo of Sherston's latest educational game.
Have your say.
Game Show
An exclusive preview of The Fourth Dimension's latest product.
Free ads
Bargain galore.
Subscribers' page
Subscribe and don't miss an issue.
The Moxon interview
Martin Littler of SEMERC.
Questions and Answers
The best hints and tips available.
C Tutorial
How to make your program run in the Desktop.
Absolute Beginners
Running and copying files.
Run the RISC
Fun with mirrors, stereo images and fairy cake.
More useful (and useless but pretty) utilities.
CD-ROM round-up
Geoff Preston sums up the best of the new releases.
Meaty software
It's free and it's good; Fast Food Diner from British Meat.
Rocket assisted
How to have fun with your Pocket Book and a rocket. Yes honestly.
Getting energetic
We review a piece of science software.
Games reviews
Alone in the Dark and High RISC racing.
Best of both worlds
Cumana's combined CD-ROM and optical drive reviewed.
A second contender
AlSystems SCSI II card is put to the test.
Easy C++
Beebug's C++ compiler - how does it compare with Acorn's?
Stitched up again
A program to create embroidery patterns; unlikely but fun.
In brief
Six short reviews.
Acorn World show guide
Our exclusive 16-page show section.
Acorn User awards
The editorial team and the readers choose the most deserving in the Acorn community.
Internet bargain
Online yet? Now you can be.
Eye-catching graphics
We start a series on design with your computer.
Cheap storage
Get over £120 of free goods when you buy a proTeus in our exclusive offer.

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