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Issue 163 : Christmas 1995

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All the latest stories.
A report from Acorn World.
Renegade BBS featured.
Steve's parting shots.
Improve your desktop.
What's on the Subs discs.
Autoroute in your pocket.
Cover disc
Two disc extravaganza.
What you, our readers, think.
Game Show
News on the latest releases.
Back issues
Missed any Acorn Users?
Subscribers' page
Exclusive deals for subscribers.
The Moxon interview
John Simnett from Cumana.
Question and Answers
Hints and tips galore.
C Tutorial
C and the WIMP.
Run the RISC
Converting an A3000 podule.
Dave and Dave take it away!
Reports without writer's cramp
We compare report-writing software.
Versatile software
Three multi-purpose packages.
Under another spell
More dyslexia software reviewed.
Turning the key
Using Key+ in the classroom.
The Arc of the Covenant
Explan's HolyBible software.
Remote control
A serial port networking solution.
In brief
RapIDE 32 from Yellowstone.
A circuit simulator under test.
Games reviews
Alone in the dark, Darkwood and Revolver.
Knights Lore returns
Emulators for the BBC and ZX Spectrum.
Santa's stocking
Off-beat gifts for Christmas.
Happy new year
Win a New Year Hamper.
Online Media technology
How the Cambridge Trial works.
PD round-up
Three pages for those new to the scene.
Cheap storage
Our proTeus offer ends this month.
3D studio
Another dimension of design.
Internet bargain
Our Acorn-friendly service.
Cheap thrills
The best PD games available.
IDG Books offer
Discounts on the Dummies series.

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