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Issue 158 : August 1995

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The latest Acorn news.
ImageFS2 for converting sprites.
Atomwide's feline WWW site.
Coping with photocopiers.
Public Domain
Games designer kit.
Hintz for Colton users.
Information Technology for parents.
Improved network screen viewer.
Cover disc
Elite, the best Acorn game ever.
You have your say.
Game show
Detrius ad analogue joysticks.
Free Ads
Bargains galore.
The subscribers' pages
Special deals for subscribers.
The Moxon interview
Andrew Foyle of VTi.
Questions and answers
Problem solving and hints and tips.
C for yourself
getting to grips with C programming.
Absolute beginners
Getting to grips with your new machine.
Run the RISC
Mike Cook's hardware series.
Acorn customer hotline
Exclusive advice from you know who.
More wacky and off-beat programs.
Smile you're on plastic
Frank Jukes shows how PhotoCD can be used in the classroom.
Postcards from Harrowgate
The Acorn User spring show from an educationalist's point of view.
Setting the standard
Minimum hardware requirements for schools.
Clickety click
Clicker Plus from Crick Computing.
Cartoon Capers
Peter Worrall compares Prime Mover and The Complete Animator.
Applause for thought
Exclusive preview of Beebug's forthcoming Ovation Pro DTP package.
Acorn C/C++
Acorn's latest C compiler.
In brief
AppleFS, MacFS, Calc ad Draw_Changer.
Acorns with knobs on
The museum that uses Acorns.
Top class designers
Whitby Community College and its award-winning newspaper.
Club Corner
The Queen fan club magazine.
Acorn's world of multimedia
The latest news on the Acorn World show.
Vote in the Acorn User awards
Cast your votes for the 1995 awards.

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