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Issue 159 : September 1995

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Acorn revamps dealer system.
Serious 3D modelling.
Acorn's World Wide Web site.
Robin's Reed gets a make over.
Public Domain
Demos galore.
Easy PC file exchange.
Sherston's Listening Books.
New bubble-jet printers from Canon.
Cover disc
ClicBack a hard disc backup utility.
Have your say.
Game show
Games news and PC card compatibility.
The subscribers' pages
Special deals for subscribers.
The Moxon interview
Pat Cleaver of Minerva.
Questions and answers
Problems solving and hints and tips.
C for yourself
Linking your lists in C.
Absolute beginners
Jargon busting for beginners.
Run the RISC
Mike Cook's hardware series.
Acorn customer hotline
Exclusive advice from you know who.
More wacky and off-beat programs.
Custom clothing
Print your own T-shirts using your Acorn.
Presenting the evidence
Using Junior Pinpoint in the classroom.
Family ties
Compiling your family tree on computer.
A thousand and one tools
Steve Turnbull looks at the Taos operating system on his Acorn machine.
In brief
A four page collection of short reviews, including: Sibelius update, Textease, Clearview 2, Cineworks, MovieFS and Iota's new flat-bed colour scanner.
Games reviews
Simon the Sorcerer on CD.
Codename: Kryten
Acorn's three new machines revealed.
I wrote that...
How the classic game Elite was written for the Archimedes.
Good-looking logos
How to make great logos without taking up huge amounts of memory.
Online in the Acorn World
The information Superhighway at the Acorn World show.
Acorn User stock clearance
Get five quality products for only a tenner.

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