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Issue 157 : July 1995

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Sibelius 7 goes from strength to strength.
A second look at Compo from Clares.
Termite Internet and UUEncoding.
Design books recommended.
Public Domain
Downloading PD by modem.
The PC card, databases and Prophet.
Sir Humphrey Appleby strikes again.
Export Pocket Book files to Fireworkz.
Cover disc
Life - deceptively simple, but incredibly absorbing.
You, the readers, have your say.
Game show
News from the Acorn User Show.
Free ads
Acorn User's bargain basement.
Next month
The greatest Acorn game ever comes to the cover disc.
Special deals for subscribers.
The Moxon interview
The colourful life of Quentin Pain of Apricote Studios.
Run the RISC
Mike Cook's hardware column.
Questions and answers
Hints and tips for readers.
Absolute beginners
Getting to grips with the Desktop.
C Tutorial
Random access to files.
Acorn customer hotline
Exclusive advice from you know who.
More off-beat programs from Dave and Dave.
You are a winner
The results of our schools competition.
Smallville united
A class of schoolchildren plan a town; this is the result.
The World of Robert Burns
CSH's ground-breaking CD-ROM about the Scottish Bard.
Money talks
Prophet 2 reviewed.
In Brief
Sound on the 486 card, and we draw graphics with Equate.
Burn Out from Oregan arrives at last.
Strong legs
An exclusive look at the deal between ARM Ltd and Digital.
Chris Taylor explains the secret behind our cover disc feature.
Acorn World Wide Webbing
The Internet at Acorn World and a fantastic P and O Offer.
Snapshot of history
How the Black Country Kodak CD was produced.
I wrote that!
Mark Smith, author of ArcFS, tells all.

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