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Issue 156 : June 1995

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Faster PC cards from Aleph One.
Image tracing software from Iota.
Multimedia bulletin board interfaces.
Paperless publishing on the Internet.
Public Domain
Free strategy games.
DataPower goes relational.
Welsh translations of programs.
Improved network printing.
Cover disc
Psychedelic soundtracker program.
Have your say.
Game show
Loads of Simon the Sorcerer tips.
Free Ads
Better than a car boot sale...
Back issues
Next Month
Digital and Arm team up.
The subscribers' pages
The offer of a lifetime.
The Moxon interview
Ben and Jonathan Finn from Sibelius.
Run the RISC
Our hardware series continues.
Questions and answers
Your problems solved.
Absolute beginners
Getting to grips with your new machine.
C for yourself
Getting to grips with C programming.
Acorn customer hotline
Exclusive advice from Acorn.
More off-beat programs.
The missing link?
Multimedia authoring with Ultima.
Spots or stripes
Animals in Action from Anglia TV.
Creating a school journal
Producing student journals on Acorns.
Protecting the past
Combining IT and History.
PC Card Labs Test
Acorn's PC card put through its paces.
Sublime colour
The Fargo Primera dye-sub printer.
Taking the Minnie
Minnie 16-bit sound card for the Risc PC.
Faster SCSI
Cumana's SCSI 2 card.
Perfect printing
TJ Reproductions, Acorn repro house.
An awfully big cover disc
How we created the Acorn User CD-ROM.
Club Corner
The C Acorn User Group.
Acorn's World of training
Continuing our look at Acorn World '95.

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