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Issue 155 : May 1995

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The latest from the Acorn market.
Spacetech's dye sub printer.
Spreading the World Wide Word.
Clip art and copyright.
Public Domain
Doggysoft's latest products.
Acorns in motor re-manufacturing.
CD licences and software piracy.
Purple Software's PB packages.
Cover disc
More Internet starter software.
Next Month
PC card labs test.
Game show
The latest in the games world.
Have your say.
Back issues
Free Ads
Stack'em high, sell'em cheap.
The subscribers' pages
The best subscription offer continues.
The Moxon interview
Philip Chisholm, photographer.
Run the RISC
Mike Cook's hardware series.
Questions and answers
Your problems solved.
Absolute beginners
More on using the mouse.
C for yourself
Our C tutorial continues.
More off-beat programs.
Mouse maintenance
Looking after your rodent.
Building bricks
Key Stage 2 software.
A teacher's nightmare
Creating reports automatically.
Better by design
Appollonius PDT CAD package.
Multimedia presentations
CableNews II for presentations.
In brief
Four short reviews.
Games reviews
Two games reviews.
Acorn User Spring Show Guide
Maps, stand guides... it's all here.
Reader survey
Help us to improve your magazine.
Under the lid - Risc PC
The Risc PC vs the Archimedes.
CD-ROM offers
Five CD-ROM drives on special offer.
Simon the Sorcerer offer
Save money on Simon the Sorcerer.

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