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Issue 154 : April 1995

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Disappointing results for Acorn.
No more Digital Arts?
Northern ARM bulletin board.
PM Printing uses Acorns.
Public Domain
GamesSuite and Flux.
CableNews 2 under the spotlight.
Scrabble not network friendly.
Teletext server software.
Cover disc and CD-ROM
Over 500Mb of excellence.
Next Month
Acorn User Spring Show.
Game show
Hal joins our games team.
Have your say.
Back issues
The subscribers' pages
The offer of a lifetime.
The Moxon interview
Steve Harris from Concept Keyboards.
Questions and answers
Your problems solved.
Absolute beginners
Our new series for novices.
Acorn customer hotline
Exclusive advice from Acorn.
C Tutorial
New writer, same tutorial.
More off-beat programs.
Battle of the platforms
Acorn vs Mac in the graphics arena.
Drawing the future
Graphics in ten years' time.
Spring time
Preview of the Acorn User Show.
In Brief
Four pages of short reviews.
Share and share alike
Share packages compared.
Indigo information
Cumana's Indigo CD-ROM drive.
An Electronic library
Electronic books and PaperOut.
Round and round we go
The pick of the best new CD-ROMs.
Making records
Fireworkz Pro and Recordz.
Games reviews
Oddball and Big Bang.
Club Corner
The Spectrum disc magazine.
CD-ROM drive special offers
The CD-ROM drive offer of the century.

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