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Issue 153 : March 1995

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Acorn Computing magazine to close.
Textured text backgrounds.
ANT Internet suite.
Virtual memory.
Public Domain
Getting started in the Public Domain.
Fireworkz Professional.
The latest educational software.
Pocket-sized Public Domain software.
Cover disc
Wavelength demo and much more.
Game show
Trendy games boxes.
Have your say.
Next Month
Free cover-mounted CD-ROM.
Free Ads
Bargain hunter's paradise.
Back issues
The subscribers' pages
A new offer for subscribers.
The Moxon interview
Bill and Dave's excellent adventure - Sherston Software.
C for yourself
Passing arguments to functions.
Questions and answers
Your problems solved.
Acorn customer hotline
Exclusive advice from Acorn.
More off-beat programs.
Cuckoo in the nest?
Acorn's long-awaited Risc PC 486 card.
A good judge of character
Sleuth 2 OCR from Beebug.
Games reviews
Face to Face and Sally and Wally.
In brief
Six small reviews.
Taking the tablets
Graphics tablets for the budding artists.
Thoroughly modern masters
The Acorn User art gallery.
TAOS beckons
Acorn's vision of its future.
A surfeit of data
Very large storage devices.
Spring celebrities
Stars of the spring show.
Soundtrackers for the uninitiated
Creating the best tunes around.
Prospecting for parents
Enhancing parents' open days.

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