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Issue 152 : February 1995

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Amulet chips and other news.
New modules for Artworks.
Creating ANSI graphic screens.
Newspaper publishing in Liverpool.
Public Domain
Cataloguing your floppy discs.
Supporting Fireworkz users.
Ready-made databases.
A new column for network users.
Cover disc
FontDir and much more.
Game Show
The latest in the games world.
Have your say.
Next Month
Acorn User gallery and more.
Free Ads
Forget the lottery, try this instead...
Back issues
The subscribers page
The offer of a lifetime.
The Moxon Interview
Steve Arnold of the ARM Club.
C Tutorial
The series for C programmers.
Questions and answers
Your problems solved.
Acorn Customer hotline
Exclusive advice from Acorn.
More off-beat programs.
Looking after the pennies
Enterprise Accounts investigated.
Games reviews
Dune 2, Wavelength and Game On.
Bobbin about
Knitting, weaving and embroidering.
Quality and quantity
The second Datafile PD CD-ROM.
Cool Scannings
A round-up of colour scanners.
Future Perfect
The future of the Acorn market.
Hot off the press
Magazine design on Acorn machines.
Spring is in the air
Details of the Acorn User Spring Show.
Easier on the pocket ?
Pocket Book I vs Pocket Book II.
Game On competition
Win a copy of Game On.
Club Corner
Chris Jackson looks at the Arm Club.
I wrote that...
Eddie Edwards of Powerslave.

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