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Issue 151 : January 1995

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Acorn in the USA and the 486SX card.
Studio 24 gets even better.
World wide webbing on the Acorn.
The death of black and white ink-jets.
Public Domain
Free and nearly free software.
Co-operative business packages.
The latest software for schools.
The pocket sized column.
Cover disc
Spelling book demo and much more.
Next Month
Crystal ball gazing.
Have your say.
Game Show
The latest in the world of games.
Free Ads
Forget the lottery, try this instead...
Back issues
The subscribers pages
The offer of a lifetime.
The Moxon Interview
The men from Fabis Computing.
C Tutorial
Those wretched pointers again.
Questions and answers
Your problems solved.
Acorn customer hotline
Exclusive advice from Acorn.
More off-beat programs (and fractals).
Making movies
Professional video editing from Eidos.
BETT '95 preview
Our guide to the educational show.
Totally connected
Installing massive networks.
Good foundations
Our guide to Key Stage One resources.
Schools' competition
Design a page for Acorn User.
Catching Up
How the classroom has changed.
Games Reviews
Simon the Sorcerer, Arcturus and Floopy played to destruction.
Loadsa money
Personal accounting packages.
Project planning
Manage your projects with ProjectING.
Double you memory
8Mb RAM upgrades for the A5000.
Sliding about
The Polaroid slide printer from Burden.
Nice and easy does it
Easy Font 3 font manager.
The winning formula
Formulix, Computer Concepts' new equation editor.

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