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Issue 146 : September 1994

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Public Domain
The Acorn User cover disc
DA's Picture tutorial.
The subscribers' page
The Moxon interview
Tim Humphries of Aspex.
C for yourself
Learn C the easy way.
Questions and answers
Acorn customer hotline
The scheme of things
The updated version of Schema.
Font Control
Tidy up your fonts.
Game Show
A desktop hacker for all you cheats.
Keep the peace and free Cyclops.
Flashback - the demo solution
Can't you do it? Now you can.
Acorn in business
Our special feature starts here.
Back to the drawing board
Professional CAD on the Arc.
The professionals
Acorns in the art world.
Licensed to print
Printing firms and their Acorns.
Taking stock
The Hong Kong stock exchange.
It's the business
Running a small business on the Arc.
Quality control
Lucas Rists' use of Acorns.
I wrote that...
The developers behind Artworks.
Acorn World show offer
Acorn World show preview
Take it away
Portable computers in schools.
Join the club
Welwyn-Hatfield computer club.
Getting the message across
Corporate affairs at Acorn House.
World creation
Make your own adventure game.

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