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Issue 145 : August 1994

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Public Domain
The Acorn User cover disc
Adventure games and wimp tools.
Next month
Free ads
Back issues
The subscribers' page
The Moxon interview
John Reed of Illusions Disc magazine.
C for yourself
C Programming: a new series.
Questions and answers
The Acorn customer hotline
Heath Robinson
Mechanical puzzles with Primesolver.
A Spritely act
Bitmap graphics for the Archimedes.
Game Show
All the latest from the Acorn World.
Cheat through the old, onto the new.
Caves of Confusion
A classic shoot-em-up.
The Time machine
Want to be like Dr Who?
Rock and roll hardware
Aleph One's Elvis PC card.
In brief
Accessing information on CD-Roms.
The Acorn User Awards
The results for the best of the best.
Control: In command
Find out about Control.
Control: Regulatory devices
National Curriculum hardware.
Control: Turtle Power
Turtle graphics and logo packages.
Control: Getting started
Computer controlled interfaces.
Winner takes all
The Acorn Show winner.
At your service
The Acorn Customer Services team.
Welcome to adventure
The addictiveness of adventure games.
Spreading the net
Part II of our series on the Internet.

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