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Issue 144 : July 1994

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The Acorn User cover disc
Spray can, Adaline and more.
Next month.
Free ads
Back issues
The subscribers' page
Details of our fantastic new subscription offer.
The Moxon interview
Adrian Critchlow of Iota Software.
Touching up
The magical world of grpahical imagery.
Game show
The equipment behind the games.
Zodical frolics with this compilation.
Scrabble and Fyarena
Word play and assembling pictures.
Blast those spinning rocks before they get you.
Plug and play
Upgrading your Risc PC.
In brief
Generating anagrams and Z88 connections.
Linking up
Find out about networks in our 12 page special.
It's optional
The right network for the right purpose.
The gentle touch
Software applications to make life easy.
Managing the system
Controlling the network so it all runs smoothly.
All part of the chain
Linking computers using the best hardware.
Turbo charging
Keeping the system moving using accelerators.
Terms of endearment
Technical jargon explained.
The last great heroes
A look at the world of Acorn dealers.
At your service
The second part of our in-depth look at Acorn.
Spreading the net
What is the Internet? Take a look and find out.
Join the club
A look at the Acorn club scene.
Hadwriting recognition
Turning your scrawl into legible words.
Back to basics
Questions and answers
Acorn customer hotline

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