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Issue 143 : June 1994

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All the best from the world of Acorn.
Painting applications and image importing.
Bulletin boards and Internet.
Risc PC publishing and photo-retouching software.
Public Domain
Another array of PD for your computer.
Geoff Preston looks at the latest education.
The Acorn User cover disc
The Acorn User Survey, Queue The Music and more.
Reader Survey
Fill in the questions and win a fortune.
Free ads
Next month
Back issues
The subscribers' page
Details of our fantastic subscription offer.
The Moxon interview
Adrian Look of Look Systems.
Showing off
Roll out your demos with this final tutorial.
Back to basics
Questions and answers
Acorn customer hotline
Public property
What is the public domain? Find out here.
Share and share alike
Tip-top opinions from the writers of PD.
Programming languages
The best languages, for free.
To your art's content
Public Domain graphics packages.
PD Games
Flight simulators and a Kamikaze dinorsaur.
Desktop enhancers
Desktop utilities, from gimmicks to essentials.
Book it!
Is the pocket book becoming a classroom essential?
Revolution or evolution
We take a look at the changes occuring in Acorn.
In brief
Template editors and faster CD-Rom drives.
The best impression
We put Impression Publisher to the test.
Games show
Flashback, Premier Manager, and more.
Computer yuppiedom
Organise yourself with Almanac 3.
We have lift off!
Space adventures with Earthwarp.
Shopping mad
Don't miss our computers for schools scheme.
The Dearing Report
We review its implications on the world of IT.

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