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Issue 142 : May 1994

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The impact of the Risc PC on the field of graphics.
Weather studies, networking and Risc PC.
Public Domain
Another array of PD for your computer.
The Acorn User cover disc
Armony, Tiles, clip art and more.
Next month
All you need to know about our next issue.
Free ads
Looking for a bargain? Look no further.
Back Issues
How to complete your collection of Acorn Users.
The subscribers' page
Details of our fantastic subscription offer.
The Moxon interview
Dave Clare of Clares Micro Supplies.
Showing off
How to write your own graphics demos.
Back to basics
Questions and answers
Acorn customer hotline
The Risc PC
The lowdown on Acorn's newest product.
Back in the picture
High quality images with Photo CD.
National Curriculum history
Part II of how to use IT in history.
From acorns to oaks
The results of the schools DTP competition.
Risky business
How to buy asecond hand machine.
In brief
Replacement keyboards and faster printing.
Sounds impressive
Create music with these two sound boards.
In the driving seat
The best CD-Rom drives for your computer.
Game show
Diggers, Sensible soccer and Speedball 2.
If you like Lemmings you'll love Diggers.
Speedball 2
More violent than a Millwall crowd...
Sensible Soccer
... but not as realistic as Sensible Soccer.
The complete post office
Create your own greeting cards.

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