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Issue 141 : April 1994

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All the latest from the world of Acorn.
Public Domain
The Acorn User cover disc
Free ads
Looking for a bargain? Look no further.
Your chance to have a say.
Back issues
How to complete your collection of Acorn Users.
Next month
The low down on the May issue.
The subscribers' page
Details of our fantastic subscription offer.
The Moxon interview
Mark Colton of Colton Software.
The Acorn User Spring Show
Your complete guide to the Harrowgate Show.
A conspiracy of silence
How Acorn fits into the computer market.
National Curriculum History
How to use IT in History lessons.
The final frontier?
Award-winning Frontier 2000 in the classroom.
All for one and one for all
Wild Vision's Eagle M2 multimedia card investigated.
Heavyweight databases
S-Base 2, Squirrel 2 and DataPower compared.
Handy colours
Irlam's cost effective colour hand scanner.
Game show
Win Birds of War in our competition.
On your marks
Software to ease the pain of marking schoolwork.
Education reviews
The latest educational software reviewed.
Showing off
How to write your own graphics demos.
Back to basics
Questions and answers
Acorn customer hotline

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